Convoluted Copper Counter-flow Chiller - 1.5" TC

Convoluted Copper Counter-flow Chiller - 1.5" TC

  • $354.99

For the advanced homebrewer who wants to chill their wort as rapidly and efficiently as possible, the Convoluted Copper Counter-flow Chiller provides the perfect solution in a compact design.

This chiller is based on the counterflow method, where the cool water is pumped through a tube that contains another tube, through which the hot wort flows in the opposite direction. But what makes this particular chiller even more effective is the convoluted design of the inner tube that provides larger surface area and promotes wort turbulence to ensure maximum heat exchange during the flow.

As a result, the wort is rapidly chilled to a temperature only a few degrees higher than that of the cool water running through the chiller regardless of the wort flow rate.

Description: The Convoluted Copper Counter-flow Chiller is designed to fit with 1.5 inch Tri-Clover parts for optimal connectivity and brewhouse performance.

It is very compact and can be easily integrated into your brew stand, brew sculpture or any brewhouse setup you may have at your home.

Depending on ground water temperature and flow rate, this chiller can bring down your wort to pitching temperatures in a matter of minutes, which is optimal for minimizing the risk of bacterial infection or the formation of such undesired compounds as DMS (dimethyl sulfide).

An excellent addition to any brewing setup that will help you brew better beers with ease.
  • Wort and water inlet and outlets are 1.5" tri-clover sanitary fittings
  • 8 1/2" Top Length
  • 11" Base Length
  • 7 1/2" Wide
  • 9 1/2" Tall

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