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Taprite Dual Product Primary Regulator (60 & 2000PSI) #T752HP-02

  • $164.99

Need to have two beers tapped with different pressure settings at the same time?

That won’t be a problem with the Taprite T752HP-02 Dual Product Regulator. This regulator is very easy to use, connects to your CO2 tank in just one go, and doesn’t need any instruments to adjust the serving pressure of your beers.

Just turn the knob and check the respective gauge for each keg connected to make sure you’re on spot with the setting, and that’s it. Serving two beers at different pressure levels using a single CO2 tank doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Dual Product Primary Regulator (60 & 2000PSI) #T752HP-02

The Taprite 2P2P Dual Product Regulator is a reliable and well-built unit that will last you for decades of intense use. Its simple and sturdy design ensures proper pressure regulation regardless of the beer style served. The standard CGA320 inlet ensures optimal connectivity with the vast majority of CO2 tanks on the market. The heavy duty brass body is not only built to last, but also acts as a heat sink to prevent freezing when using the gas extensively. With separate 60 PSI gauges you’ll be able to fine-tune the serving pressure for each keg connected, while the 2000 PSI gauge will help you keep the remaining gas volume in the tank in check. And if there are significant fluctuations in pressure, the built-in shut off valves will protect the whole unit from damage.
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Standard CGA320 inlet
  • 1/4" MFL Outlets
  • Built in shut off valves
  • 60psi gauge
  • 2000psi gauge

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