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Taprite Primary CO2 Regulator (60 & 2000PSI) #T742HP-02

  • $104.99

Here you will find a durable, user-friendly CO2 regulator that you can rely on for a lifetime.

The Taprite Primary C02 Dual Regulator is the perfect addition to your setup. It's a popular choice among homebrewers for its simplicity and effectiveness.

There's no complexity involved - simply connect it to the CO2 tank using the CGA320 inlet, attach the keg to the 1/4" MFL flare fitting, adjust the desired serving pressure with a simple turn of the knob, and you're good to go.

The plastic bonnet on this model is prone to stripping and is not covered under warranty. If you are going to change your serving pressure frequently, we suggest going with a zinc model.


  • To protect dispensing systems each regulator has a built-in high volume external safety relief valve factory set to relieve at 55-60 PSIG.
  • Internal relief valve opens if the delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG. This serves as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be worn and require replacing.
  • Forged brass body for greater durability. Body has enough mass to serve as a heat sink to help prevent freeze up. Can handle Co2.
  • Polycorbonate Bonnet
  • CGA320 Inlet (Left hand thread)
  • Body parts are 1/4" NPT
  • 1/4" male flared outlet with check (Right hand thread)
  • Working Pressure Range 0-50 PSI
  • Front loading seat assembly is easily replaceable in the field.
  • 0-60 PSI low pressure gauge (Right Hand Thread)
  • 0-2000 PSI high pressure gauge (Left Hand Thread)


  • 7 5/8" Wide
  • 7 1/2" Tall

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