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Taprite Primary CO2 Regulator (60 & 2000PSI) #T742HP-02

  • $95.99

Want to get a reliable, simple and easy-to-use CO2 regulator that will last you a lifetime?

Then the Taprite Primary C02 Dual Regulator is just the thing you need in your setup. It is the simple solution most homebrewers opt for and after using it just once you’ll get why it’s so popular.

There’s nothing tricky or complicated about it – just connect it to the CO2 tank via the CGA320 inlet, connect the keg to the 1/4" MFL flare fitting, set the desired serving pressure by simply turning the knob, and you’re all set.

This regulator will be the heart of your dispensing system, and it’s built to last.

Description: The Taprite Primary C02 Dual Regulator with a Poly Bonnet features a heavy duty brass body that is built to withstand corrosion, but also serves as a heat sink for preventing freeze-ups when working with liquid gas.

The 60 PSI and 2000 PSI gauges let you monitor the current serving pressure in the system and the remaining gas volume in the CO2 tank.

Connecting the regulator to different tanks and switching kegs is just a matter of a few moves, and you won’t need any specialized tools for that. Just pull the knob and turn it to set the desired pressure, and you’re ready to go.
  • 60 and 2000 PSI Gauges
  • CGA-320 Inlet
  • 1/4" MFL Outlet with Check Valve

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