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Taprite Primary Dual Outlet CO2 Regulator (60 & 2000PSI) #T742-2

  • $134.99

The Taprite 1P2P Dual Gauge Regulator delivers the trademark Taprite build quality that turns these regulators into a bargain that is really hard to beat.

It’s a simple design, yet built to last, and has everything you need to adjust the pressure of your serving system in just a few moves.

Swapping the kegs and tanks is always a breeze, the built-in shut off valve protects the system from serious pressure fluctuations, the two gauges let you monitor the pressure of the system and remaining CO2 all the time. And if you need to change the serving pressure, all it takes is pulling the center dial and adjusting it to the level you like.

Description: Have two different kegs that need the same pressure for serving? With the Taprite 1P2P Dual Gauge Regulator you’ll be able to dispense two of your most exciting brewing experiments from two different kegs at the same time. This regulator features a standard CGA320 inlet that lets you connect it to just any CO2 tank you’ll find on the market. While the ergonomic dual outlet makes connecting two kegs simultaneously a matter of seconds. Simple, reliable, and easy to use, this piece of equipment will rapidly become the core of your beer dispensing system.
  • 60 and 2000 PSI Gauges
  • CGA-320 Inlet
  • Dual 5/16" OD Barbed Outlets

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