Secondary Five Way CO2 Regulator (60PSI) #T1695ST

Taprite Secondary Five Way CO2 Regulator (60PSI) #T1695ST

  • $429.99

The Taprite 5-Way Secondary CO2 Regulator features heavy duty brass construction, which provides enough mass for the regulator to act as a heat sink and prevent freezing while dispensing the gas.

The built-in safety relief valve is designed to protect the dispensing system from damage when the pressure reaches 55-65 PSI. This secondary regulator is very simple and easy to use, and doesn’t require any tools for fine-tuning the serving pressure in each keg – just turn the front dial.

The mounting brackets are attached to the first, third and fifth regulator in order to provide optimal balance and stability while mounting the piece. Can be used for setting custom pressure values while serving from up to five different kegs, or force-carbonating the beer while kegging.

Description: For homebrewers who have serious kegerators and wish to have up to five beers on tap with different pressure settings, the Taprite 5-Way Secondary CO2 Regulator is the optimal solution. Designed for a working pressure between 0 and 50 PSI, this secondary regulator is a professional piece of equipment that can be used in bars and restaurants.

It requires a primary regulator to be fit to the CO2 tank and bring the pressure down to acceptable levels, yet with this secondary regulator you will be able to fine-tune the serving pressure of every beer you want to have on tap. And we all know how important this can be when presenting different beer styles at the same time
  • 60 PSI gauges
  • Pressure ranges from 0-50 PSI
  • 5/16" barbed shutoff outlets
  • Body parts 1/4" RHT
  • Heavy duty mounting brackets

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