Taprite Sanke ‘D’ Keg Coupler (Red Handle) #CH5001

  • $78.99

This model cleans up nicely with easy break down and reassembly. It also offers a check valve that prevents backflow.

The D series Sanke Keg is the most commonly used commercial keg of its brand in North America. They can be rented from the Beer Store and Craft Breweries.

Couplers and pumps however must be purchased by the user to dispense the beer. Be sure to confirm with the retailer the style of keg you are renting for compatibility with your coupler.

You will require a tail piece assembly to connect your beverage line to a sanke coupler.

Description: Works with the "D" series Sanke Keg
Compare: Sanke Coupler Chart
Features: Features for model CH5001

  • Chrome plated
  • 55 psi pressure relief valve
  • KAM-Lock keg lock feature
  • NSF Approved
  • Warranty: 1 year parts

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