High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator #5741PMHPN

Taprite High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator #5741PMHPN

  • $113.99

When using nitrogen as a serving gas or adding it to a gas mix for optimal carbonation of the beers served, you certainly need to have a specialized nitrogen gas regulator like the Taprite High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator.

Designed specifically for nitrogen tanks and high pressure values, this regulator is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone wanting to experiment with or use this particular gas.

The regulator has a working pressure range of 0 to 120 PSI, and also features an external safety valve that protects the equipment in situations when the pressure exceeds 55 PSI.

Description: The Taprite High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator is very simple, reliable and durable. Made out of forged brass, this regulator will last a lifetime and will help to avoid unnecessary freeze ups thanks to its heavy body.

Setting the pressure in the system is as easy as turning a screw, while the internal safety valve will ensure that the pressure won"t exceed 15 PSI from the set value. With the 60 and 2000 PSI gauges you will always be able to monitor the remaining gas volume in the tank and the current working pressure in your system.

The regulator features standard connectivity that will allow you to use it with the vast majority of gas tanks out there.
  • Regulators have a built-in high volume external safety relief valve factory set to relieve at 55 to 65 PSIG.
  • Internal relief valve opens if the delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG, a warning that the seat may be worn and require replacing.
  • Forged brass body for greater durability.
  • Body has mass great enough to serve as a heat sink, preventing freeze up.
  • CGA580 Inlet (Left hand thread)
  • Body parts; 1/4" NPT Fits 1/4" I.D. pressure hose.
  • Inlet; 1/4" I.D. pressure tubing.
  • 1/4" flared outlet with check (Right hand thread)
  • Front loading seat assembly, easily replaceable in the field.
  • 60psi (Right hand thread) and 3000psi (Left hand thread) Gauges

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