Taprite Kegerator Single Tap Add-On

Taprite Sanke 'D' Kegerator Single Tap Add-On - #43-0126-00

  • $229.99

If you find that you need more taps than initially anticipated, don't worry! With this Taprite beer tower kit, you can easily add an additional tap to your existing setup.

The kit provides you with all the necessary accessories to seamlessly incorporate the new tap into your Taprite beer tower. Included in the kit are essential components such as a Sanke D coupler, faucet, tower shank, tubing assemblies, hose clamps, a barbed splitter, and a tap handle.

Rest assured that the kit is designed to simplify the installation process, allowing you to quickly and efficiently get your additional tap up and running. Whether you're expanding your home bar or optimizing your commercial establishment, this kit provides the necessary tools to meet your growing beer dispensing needs.

Upgrade your Taprite beer tower with this comprehensive kit and enjoy the convenience of an additional tap, ensuring you have ample options to serve your favorite brews to your guests or customers.

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