Taprite Kegerator Single Tap Add-On

Taprite Sanke 'D' Kegerator Single Tap Add-On - #43-0126-00

  • $229.99

If you've aimed too low on the number of taps you will need, you can add a tap to a Taprite beer tower using this kit.

The kit comes with all the accessories you'll need to get your additional tap up and running, including a Sanke D coupler, faucet, tower shank, tubing assemblies, hose clamps, a barbed splitter, and a tap handle.

  • Taprite Single Faucet Tower Expander (fits on top of your existing tower) x 1
  • Taprite Chrome Plated Faucets x 1
  • Taprite Sanke "D" Keg Coupler x 1
  • Black Plastic Tap Handle x 1
  • Neoprene Washer x 1
  • Stainless Steel Barb Tee x 1
  • Gas and Beer Hoses

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