Taprite Jockey Box Regulator (30 to 45 PSI) [FC741H]

Taprite Jockey Box Regulator (30 to 45 PSI) [FC741H]

  • $149.99

This regulator grants the user the ability to manipulate the beer flow while utilizing a jockey box.

The pressure can be regulated within the range of 30 to 45 PSI, which is conveniently indicated on the dial's side.

With a CGA320 inlet and a check valve outlet equipped with a 5/16" OD barb, this regulator is well-adapted for various applications.

Moreover, it boasts a built-in pressure relief valve, pre-set to a safe range of 55 to 65 PSIG.


  • Low pressure range for dispensing
  • Shut-down safety built into the body that instantly protects the dispensing system in the unlikely event of regulator failure or malfunction. Blow-off is factory set at 55-65psig.
  • Permanent quad-ring seal on the inlet nipple helps eliminate leaks. No need to use a fiber washer each time tanks are changed.
  • Top and left side have 1/4" NPT plugs

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