Combination Wrench/Spanner #4350S

Taprite Combination Wrench/Spanner #4350S

  • $17.49

The Taprite Combination Wrench/Spanner #4350S is a versatile tool for anyone working with keg couplers and regulators in their brewing setup. This combination wrench/spanner can be used to tighten or loosen various fittings and connections. With different-sized openings, it is specifically designed to fit and adjust keg couplers and regulator fittings. Taprite brings us this heavy-duty combination faucet wrench, hex nut wrench, and the end is a flat head screwdriver.


  • 7 7/8" Length
  • Compatible with Standard Beer Faucets
  • Compatible with Hex Beer Nuts
  • Screw Drive Wrench Ended

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