Taprite Soda Carbonation Tester (Soda Only) [2701G]

  • $219.99

The Taprite Soda Carbonation Tester is designed to detect and maintain CO2 levels in soft drinks, allowing you to accurately determine the percentage of carbonation. By reading the temperature and pressure readings displayed on the canister's side, you can easily assess the carbonation levels. This tester has an 11-ounce capacity and features a pre-calibrated gauge and thermometer that are user-friendly and provide clear readings. The box includes comprehensive instructions for your convenience.


  • 11 oz Capacity
  • Aluminum Knurled Cap
  • Fittings are made out of lightweight, anodized aluminum
  • Thermometer & Pressure Gauge are pre-calibrated

Please note: This is designed to test SODA only.

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