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Ss Brewtech Caster Set - 7 Gallon Chronical Fermenter

  • $79.99

The casters are made of durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. They are designed specifically for the 7 gallon Chronical fermenter, allowing you to effortlessly move and reposition your fermenter as needed. The dual ball bearings provide smooth and effortless rolling, making it easy to maneuver your fermenter across various surfaces. Whether you need to transition from your brewing area to a storage space or simply want to move your fermenter for cleaning or maintenance purposes, these casters make it convenient and hassle-free.

The easy locking feature allows you to securely lock the casters in place, ensuring that your fermenter stays stationary during fermentation or storage. This feature is especially useful when you need to maintain stability and prevent any accidental movement or tipping.

Installation is a breeze - simply slip the caster over the end of the leg of your fermenter, and it stays firmly in place. There is no need for additional tools or complicated assembly. You can easily attach and detach the casters as needed, giving you the flexibility to use them only when necessary.

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