Ss Brewtech 6.95 Gallon Brew Bucket

  • $354.99

This stainless steel fermentation bucket is specifically designed to accommodate common 5-gallon batches, providing ample capacity and headspace to accommodate vigorous fermentation processes.

Featuring a conical bottom, the Brew Bucket enables easy collection of trub and yeast sediment during the primary fermentation stage. This helps maintain the purity and clarity of your brew.

The stackable design of the Brew Bucket allows you to optimize your space utilization by placing another fermentation bucket directly on top of it, making it ideal for brewers with limited space.

To enhance your brewing experience, we offer an accessory kit specifically designed for the Brew Bucket. This kit provides added convenience and support for seamless content transfers.

Comes With:

  • 3/8" Mini Ball Valve with Barb
  • Food grade silicone gasket and 17mm Stopper
  • Rotating Internal Dip tube


  • Polished Stainless Steel (304)
  • 6.95 Gallon - etched calibration in Litres and Gallons
  • Stackable design for storage
  • Welded carry handles
  • 17mm Lid Hole for blow-off tube
  • Round bottom for trub concentration

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