6.95 Gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket

  • $284.99

If you want to get your fermentation going right and want your fermenter to be as efficient as it can get, the 6.95 Gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket is just the thing you need in your inventory.

This stainless steel fermentation bucket provides the capacity optimal for common 5-gallon batches with enough headspace to handle even vigorous fermentation.

The conical bottom lets you collect trub and yeast sediment after the primary fermentation with ease. The stackable design allows putting another fermentation bucket right on top of it for optimal space use.

We also have an accessory kit for the Brew Bucket to assist with content transfers.


6.95 Gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket

The 6.95 Gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket is made out of high quality 304 stainless steel that is used in commercial production breweries.

This makes the fermentation bucket very easy to clean and sanitize after use, thus ensuring minimal risk of contamination and optimal fermentation conditions.

The conical bottom design promotes trub sedimentation and lets you collect the yeast for repitching.

The sturdy three leg support makes the bucket really stable, while the stackable design lets you place two buckets on top of each other to save space during fermentation.

The bucket is easy to move thanks to the metal grip handles, while the 17mm hole in the lid lets you fit most standard airlocks and blow-off tubes to the fermenter.

And if you're not sure how much beer you have as a result, the interior gallon markings will make things much simpler for you.
  • 6.95 gallon capacity
  • Certified food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Stackable during fermentation.
  • Carry handles.
  • Lid has 17mm hole and required stopper.
  • Food grade silicone lid gasket.
  • Conical bottom to trub trap
  • 3/8" ball valve with hose barb.
  • Interior gallon markings.
  • Includes rotating racking arm.
  • 21" Tall
  • 13" Diameter

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