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Ss Brewtech Weldless Thermowell - 8"

  • $24.89

A thermowell is a cylindrical component designed to safeguard temperature sensors such as thermometers or thermocouples. The tube is open at one end and sealed at the other, formed from a solid bar stock that has been bored straight through. It is affixed to the process stream using sanitary caps, threads, and a welding method. The thermowell's weldless configuration allows it to be seamlessly retrofitted into a brew bucket for ease of use.

It can be installed by drilling a 17mm hole into the kettle. This particular thermowell measures 9" in total length and protrudes 8" into the vessel. It has a tube opening of 6.5mm, meaning it cannot house thick thermometers. It pairs best with a compact heat sensor like the Ss Brewtech LCD temp display for digital temperature monitoring.

You may wonder how it offers precise temperature readings. The boiling wort efficiently transfers heat to the thermowell wall, which is then detected by the thermometer or sensor. By housing the thermometer inside the tube, it's shielded from the wort's direct heat. The thermowell not only helps safeguard your thermometer or heat sensor but also empowers home brewers to obtain accurate temperature measurements.

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