Ss Brewtech Leg Extensions for the 7 Gallon Chronical Fermenter - 10"

  • $102.99

These 10" extensions are the perfect solution if you need to increase the height of your Ss Brewtech 7 gallon Chronical fermenter. Made to order, these extensions are specifically designed to fit the 7 gallon fermenter and match its shiny finish.

Please note that these extensions are only compatible with the Ss Brewtech 7 gallon Chronical fermenter and will not fit any other fermenter, even those of the Brewmaster variety. So if you own a different fermenter, these extensions will not be suitable for your needs.

Additionally, these legs are specially designed to work with the stainless steel shelf accessory that allows you to easily move the fermenter on rolling casters. This combination provides you with a mobile solution for your fermentation needs.

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