Ss Brewtech FTSs - Two Quick Disconnects Kit

  • $112.29

Improve the efficiency of your cooling system with this Ss Brewtech FTSs Quick Disconnect Kit.

By utilizing the 10' sleeve included in the kit, you'll immediately notice a reduction in temperature loss and a decrease in condensation. The EPDM seals in the kit are specially designed to maintain sealing properties even at lower temperatures, ensuring a reliable and leak-free connection.

To keep the sleeve in place, utilize the included velcro strips, which can be cut to fit your FTSs tubing perfectly. It's all about simplicity and customization.

The kit is custom tooled to fit Ss Brewtech 3/8" hose barbs, ensuring a seamless and secure connection. With fully integrated valves on both parts of the quick disconnect fittings and stainless steel internal hardware, you can trust in the durability and reliability of this kit.

Comes With:

  • 10-Foot Neoprene Protective Cover
  • Comes with two pairs of Quick Disconnect Couplings
  • Includes four pieces of Velcro Fasteners
  • Equipped with eight Stainless Steel Hose Securing Clamps

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