Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket FTSs (Chilling Only) - 14 Gallon

Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket FTSs (Chilling Only) - 14 Gallon

  • $362.99

The chiller coil is made from stainless steel and is fitted inside the fermenter, allowing for efficient heat transfer. The FTSs system includes an integrated digital temperature controller, which allows you to easily set and monitor the desired temperature.

The system also features a recirculation pump, which helps to evenly distribute the cooled liquid throughout the fermenter, ensuring consistent temperatures. This recirculation also helps to prevent temperature stratification within the vessel.

The FTSs system is easy to install and can be used with a standard 120V power supply. It is designed specifically for the 14 Gallon Ss Brewtech BME Brew Bucket Fermenter, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

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