Stainless Steel Counter Pressure Bottle Filler - ‘T’ Type

  • $86.99

A 'T' type counter-pressure bottle filler made of 304 stainless steel.

To set up, connect a beer line and a CO2 line to the 1/4" OD barbs at the top, and make sure your beer is below 2°C.

To use, place the long tube into your bottle, with the stopper in the bottleneck. Turn the three way valve at the top to the CO2 side to purge the bottle and create a base of CO2. Then, turn it to the beer side to fill the bottle. When the bottle is nearing full, release the pressure using the relief valve on the side, then when full, turn off the three-way valve at the top, remove the filler, and cap your bottle.

Adding CO2 to the bottle before adding your beer helps to prevent any chance of infection while bottling.

Tubing and stainless steel clamps are NOT included. You will need to purchase them separately.

  • 1/4" OD barbs
  • 17 1/2" total length
  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Extends up to 10 1/2" into the bottle

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