Stainless Steel Keg Filler With Sight Glass

  • $214.99

This keg filler is made of 304 stainless steel and features a sight glass. Its purpose is to conveniently halt the liquid flow as soon as your keg is filled so you don't need to babysit the filling process.

It works by connecting the beer in thru the beverage line of your Sanke fitting. Then connect the Keg Filler to the gas line of the same Sanke fitting. Gas displaced from the keg will pass thru the Keg Filler, but as soon as beer enters, it will float the foam ball, plugging the vent at the top of the filler, stopping the keg from filling any further.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 1/4" Female NPT Threads
  • 7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP) Connection

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