Stainless Steel Weldless HERMS Bulkhead - 1/2" Male NPT X 1/4" Compression

  • $23.99

Effortlessly integrate a 1/4" HERMS coil into your kettle with our custom-crafted Stainless Steel, Weldless HERMS Bulkhead. Featuring both 1/2" MNPT and 1/4" Compression fittings, this bulkhead simplifies your setup. A forward locknut, permanently welded to the assembly, streamlines the installation process into the required 7/8" hole.

Optimized for use when the wall thickness is at a maximum of 5/8", the complete length of this weldless bulkhead, inclusive of the provided 1 1/8" nipple, measures at a compact 2 1/4". With this, you have a high-performance and space-efficient solution for your brewing needs.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 1/2" NPT Threads
  • 1/4" Compression Fitting
  • 5/8" Maximum wall thickness
  • Requires 7/8" hole for installation

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