Stainless Steel Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve (Squeeze Trigger) - 3" TC (All SS)

  • $119.99

This 3-inch hygienic butterfly valve features a squeeze-trigger lock mechanism and offers 13 lockable positions. Simply by applying pressure on the handle, the valve gate can be rotated, allowing closure from either side with a 180-degree rotation.

Butterfly valves have the advantage of being cleanable in place as they have no pockets for dirt to hide. Additionally, they are more lightweight and compact compared to tri-clover compatible ball valves. Constructed entirely from durable 304 stainless steel. While butterfly valves are suitable for on-off operations, ball valves outperform tri-clover compatible butterfly valves in controlling flow rates.

Typically, we recommend the use of butterfly valves for vessel outlets and fermenters, while tri-clover compatible ball valves should be employed at pump outlets and vessel returns such as mash tun sparge and vorlauf returns.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • Complete stainless steel design
  • 3" TC Flanges on both ends
  • Squeeze-trigger mechanism
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Total height of 5 3/4 inches
  • Works with 3" TC fittings

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