Stainless Steel Thread Adapter - 1/2” Male NPT to 5/8” BSP

Stainless Steel Thread Adapter - 1/2" Male NPT to 5/8" BSP

  • $9.99

This threaded adapter offers a solution to the compatibility issue between 1/2" female NPT fittings and Sanke keg couplers. It allows you to connect 1/2" female NPT fittings directly to Sanke keg couplers, which usually have 5/8" BSP threads. With this adapter, it is now easy to link brewing fittings with 1/2" NPT threads to your Sanke keg coupler, guaranteeing a safe and steady connection for your brewing setup.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 5/8" Female BSP Threads
  • 1/2" Male BSP Threads

Product Code: KL04626

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