Stainless Steel Compression Fitting - 1/2” Male NPT to 5/8” Comp

Stainless Steel Compression Fitting - 1/2" Male NPT to 5/8" Comp

  • $40.99

This Stainless Steel compression fitting is the perfect solution for connecting 5/8" OD metal tubing to a 1/2" female NPT port.

The combination of 5/8" OD tubing and a 1/2" NPT port ensures optimal flow rate for your system. Plus, it is easy to install and is ideal for adding a pickup tube or hard piping a brewing system.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 1/2" Male NPT Connection
  • Compression fits 5/8" OD metal tubing (stainless steel/copper)

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