Stainless Steel Hanging Faucet Bracket - 3 Faucet

Stainless Steel Underbar Mounted Faucet Bracket - 3 Faucet

  • $40.99

Behold the magnificent stainless steel under the bar bracket, a hidden hero that works tirelessly to keep your bar in order. This mischievous little contraption is a pro at concealing itself, making sure it stays out of sight while performing its duty. Its main gig? Allowing not one, not two, but three shank style tap assemblies to find their cozy spot within its snug embrace, effortlessly catering to your desires for easy dispensing. With its dimensions measuring a mighty 3" in depth, and an equally impressive 3" in height, this beauty stretches out to a generous width of 10". Are you ready to let this sly under-the-radar bar accessory elevate your dispensing game to new levels of stunning elegance?

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