Paradise Seeds - 2 g

Paradise Seeds - (2 g)

  • $2.69

Also known as grains of paradise, alligator pepper, or Guinea grains, Paradise Seeds offer a great way to add a peculiar nuance to your next brew.

Commonly used in Belgian style ales and witbiers, Paradise Seeds can obviously be used in many other beer styles when doing a specialty beer.

There are no limits to experimentation in homebrew, and with spices like this, you can get fascinating and exciting results. All it takes is simply having a pack of Paradise Seeds in your homebrewing inventory and use them when you’re in a more adventurous mood.

Description: This package contains 2 grams of Paradise Seeds, which may seem like not much to anyone who has never used this spice in cooking. However, Paradise Seeds are known for their potent peppery, fruity and piney flavour and aroma, which can be derived from just a couple of grains.

It is a very strong spice and should be used very sparingly when brewing in order to maintain a proper balance in the beer. As with most spices, it is usually added during the boil at the later stages alongside or instead of aromatic hop additions.

The seeds are usually added whole, but you can always crush them for a more efficient and potent flavour extraction.
  • Beers: Belgian Ale, Witbier
  • Flavours: Peppery, Citrus, Pine,
  • Amount per 5 gallons: To taste, not much

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