Sweet Orange Peel - 1 Approx. oz

Sweet Orange Peel - 1 Approx. oz (28 g)

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Add the unmistakable fruity feel to your next summer beer with the Sweet Orange Peel. This spice provides you with the best opportunity to make your brew refreshing and tasty by bringing the distinct character of sweet oranges to it.

In contrast to bitter orange peel, which contributes substantially to the beer's taste and bitterness, Sweet Orange Peel is considered mainly an aromatic spice that doesn’t influence the final flavour of the beer in a very pronounced way.

That’s why it works best for beer styles where the distinct aroma of sweet table oranges will effectively interplay with the malt bill or hop character in the taste.

Description: Sourced from aromatic sweet oranges, which is the fruit you know as the common table orange, the Sweet Orange Peel is a great addition to any homebrewing inventory. With 1 ounce (28 grams) you will be able to imbue a single 5 gallon homebrew batch with a very pronounced orange aroma, or have several batches enhanced with milder fruity nuances.

Typically added at the later stages of the boil, Sweet Orange Peel can also be used during maturation for a more pronounced and fresh fruity aroma. Works great for Belgian witbiers, strong ales, pale ales, as well as stouts and porters.

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