Dried Heather Tips - 2 oz

Dried Heather Tips - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $4.99

Commonly found in Scottish ale recipes, Heather Tips have been a part of brewing tradition in Western Europe long before the advent of hops as the main bittering agent.

Sometimes compared to chamomile, heather is defined by a very smooth herbal bitterness and aroma, which gives a certain medieval flavour to a beer.

Heather Tips can be used as a complete substitute to hops, added at the beginning of the boil to derive more bitterness, or as a common spicing agent at the end for obtaining a more pronounced herbal aroma.

Usage: This package contains 2 ounces (56 grams) of dried Heather Tips, which should suffice for brewing an entire 5 gallon batch of pure Heather Ale without any hop additions, or use a smaller amount at the end of the boil for the distinct herbal twist.

Heather Tips are commonly used when brewing Scottish style ales known for their distinct aroma, but it's definitely up for the brewer to decide which type of beer to brew with this spice. And you can also mix in other ingredients to get a truly unique and distinct flavour profile for your next experimental brew.

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