Elderflowers - 2 oz

Elderflowers - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $7.99

Imbue your next homebrewing experiment with the distinct floral character of Elderflowers.

The complex and aromatic profile of this spice can add an interesting and exciting twist to a fruit beer, holiday beer, or just any other style where the rich floral aroma and flavour are deemed appropriate.

Elderflowers are commonly used in winemaking and make part of recipes for a wide variety of traditional drinks in Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe.

You have to try it to understand its rich potential for brewing.

Usage: The amount of Elderflowers in this package is sufficient for bringing a sensible floral character to a couple of standard sized homebrew batches, or infusing a single batch with a very pronounced aroma of Elderflowers.

Usually added at the end of the boil, this spice can be a great way to enhance the floral character of some Old World hop varieties, or can fully substitute aromatic hop additions.

You can also add Elderflowers during maturation for more pronounced flavour extraction over a longer period of time. Just make sure to put them in a muslin bag first.

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