Coriander Seed 28g (1oz)

Coriander Seed - 1 oz (28 g)

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One of the most common spices used in brewing, Coriander Seed, is widely known for its traditional use in some of the most famous Belgian ales. You can now easily get the exciting and spicy flavour in your brew by adding a bit of Coriander Seed during the boil.

Strongly associated with the Belgian brewing tradition and making part of most Belgian wit recipes, Coriander Seed can certainly be used in many different beer styles with exciting results.

With its distinct lemon-like flavour and aroma, it’s a spice with a distinct character that will allow you to explore new frontiers in experimental homebrewing.

Usage: With 1 ounce (28 grams) of dried Coriander Seed you will have enough of the spice to enhance several 5 gallon batches. It's recommended to crush the seeds before adding them into the boiling wort for better flavour and aroma extraction. Usually added right at the end of the boil, Coriander Seed will contribute to the taste and smell of the beer proportionally to the time it is being boiled.

Depending on the recipe and beer style, you may want to use different amounts of this spice, as it can enhance certain flavours delivered by hops or get mixed up in the ether character of certain yeast strains.

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