Sight Gauge - 16"

Sight Gauge - 16"

  • $34.49

This 16" sight gauge allows you to easily check the status of your boiling wort without having to constantly open your kettle. Keeping your kettle closed helps to minimize evaporation and works towards keeping your wort from reducing at a faster rate.

The tempered glass is reinforced to be able to stand up to the high temperatures of your wort and to reduce safety issues such as the glass breaking or exploding. It's stainless steel portions provide rust and corrosion resistance, further extending it's life.

Description: The sight gauge's total length is 16", making it ideal for installation on 14" or 15" brew kettles. Connections on the sight gauge are 1/8" MPT and FPT. A sight gauge adapter is required for installation.
Features: This particular sight gauge is made out of stainless steel and features a chrome-plated guard that protects against too much pressure or heat

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