Fermtech 19" Sample Thief

Fermtech Sample Thief - 19"

  • $8.95

The Thief is so quick and easy to use. Just a quick dip, place your hydrometer into your thief, get your reading, then touch the thief's end to your fermenter and your product goes back in the fermenter with no fuss and without losing any product!

Description: This item is made of great material and is sure to allow you clear readings and will last you many years. This works with beer and wine just bear in mind that this item will not work with 1 gallon fermenters. You will not get enough liquid to fill your thief for a proper hydrometer reading.
  • Simply dip once for a quick sample.
  • Unique design allows you to insert a standard hydrometer directly into The Thief.
  • Just touch the tip to the rim to empty The Thief.
  • High grade acrylic for excellent clarity.
  • 19" in length.

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