Dual Scale Refractometer

Dual Scale Refractometer - Brix and Specific Gravity

  • $47.99

A refractometer provides a simpler and more precise alternative to using a hydrometer for measuring sugars. It comes with a convenient dropper for easily collecting samples, a re-calibration tool for accurate readings, detailed instructions for guidance, and a cleaning cloth for maintaining cleanliness. 

Comes with:

  • Refractometer
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Protective Shipping Case
  • Mini Calibration Screwdriver
  • Sample pipette (for sample collection)
  • Usage Instructions


  • Adjustable eyepiece focus
  • Resolution: 0.2% Brix
  • Measures Brix Scale from 0 - 32%
  • Measures Specific Gravity from 1.000 - 1.130
  • Sharp line (blue-white)
  • Temperature Compensation from 10°C and 30°C (ATC)

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