Commercial Grade Gas Distributor - 2 Way -1/4" MFL

  • $42.99

This gas distributor/manifold is made of anodized aluminum, which gives it corrosion resistance. It has 1/4" MFL connections. With this product, you can dispense from two different kegs using just one gas source. Each outlet has its own shut off, allowing you to switch between kegs effortlessly.

For added convenience, each output is equipped with integrated check balls to prevent any backflow. The body of the manifold is laser engraved, making it easy to identify your lines.

This product comes complete with mounting brackets and hardware to simplify the installation process.


  • Corrosion resistant aluminum anodized body
  • Engineered for durability
  • Laser engraved to identify lines quickly and easily
  • Solid brass outputs with 1/4" MFL connections
  • Shut off switches on each port to swap out kegs quickly
  • Integrated check balls in each output to prevent back flow and protect your equipment
  • 304 Stainless steel mounting brackets to keep your set up tidy


  • 4 5/8" Length
  • 2 1/2" Width

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