Dextrose (4oz)

Dextrose Priming Sugar - 4 oz (113 g)

  • $2.39

Want to carbonate your beer as quickly and efficiently as possible?

We have a sure-fire solution for you right here! This simple package contains the optimal amount of priming sugar for carbonating a standard 5 gallon batch of homebrew, which is very convenient in terms of inventory, and will also help to make your bottling day a lot simpler.

Depending on the style of beer, you can simply use more or less dextrose for obtaining different carbonation levels. Nevertheless the amount of dextrose in delivered with this packet is optimal for providing nice carbonation for the majority of beer styles.



Dextrose is a very popular choice for bottle priming due to the fact that it's a simple sugar that is fully fermented by virtually all strains of brewers yeast without leaving any residual flavour compounds behind. This makes it suitable for carbonating any beer style out there, as the final flavour won’t be affected or altered in any way. Just open the package and add its contents to the bottling bucket when bottling the beer. Or preferably add to water and then boil for extra safety prior to bottling.

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