Perlick 630 Polished Chrome Faucet

Perlick 630 Polished Chrome Faucet

  • $69.99

The Polished Chrome faucet is designed to help you maintain the quality of your beer by preventing it from being exposed to oxygen, which can cause it to lose its flavor and aroma. It comes equipped with a magical ball and floating O-ring that act as a barrier against bacteria and mold, ensuring that your beer remains fresh and hygienic at all times.

The interior of the faucet is smooth and shiny, which aids in maintaining the quality of the pour. The faucet's spout angle ensures that every last drop of beer makes its way down the drain, preventing any wastage. What's more, this faucet is incredibly easy to clean, making it a convenient and hassle-free option for anyone who values the quality of their beer.

It's worth noting that this faucet is a wallet-friendly version of our popular 630 Stainless Steel Perlick Faucet. While it may be more affordable, it still delivers exceptional performance and quality. So if you're looking for a faucet that can help you keep your beer fresh and hygienic, the Polished Chrome faucet is an excellent choice.


  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • Sleek Perlick design
  • Forward Sealing valve
  • Fits conventional beer shanks and towers

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