Omega Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast [OYL071GF] (11 g)

Omega Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast [OYL071GF] (11 g)

  • $12.59

Experience the incredible Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast, brought to you by Omega Yeast! Now available in a convenient dry format, it retains all the remarkable qualities of its liquid counterpart. With its versatility, Lutra Kveik provides exceptional outcomes in less time. Whether you're crafting refreshing pseudo-lagers, robust imperial stouts, gluten-free hard seltzers, alcopops, meads, or ciders, this dry yeast is the ultimate choice. Say goodbye to extended fermentation periods and say hello to superior results in record time.

In the world of gluten-free hard seltzers, Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast is simply unbeatable. Its unique characteristics enable fast and hassle-free fermentation, making it ideal for creating gluten-free hard seltzers. When paired with the Omega Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient, this dry yeast can even accomplish a speedy fermentation process as short as 4 days!

Yeast Statistics:
  • Attenuation: High (75 - 82%)
  • Flocculation: Medium - High
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68 - 95°F
  • Alcohol Tolerance: High (15%)
  • Storage Temperature: 39°F

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