Toasted Oak Sticks - French Light

Toasted Oak Sticks - French Light

  • $18.99

There were times when beer had a pronounced oak barrel flavour to it as part of the standard production process. These days, however, barrel ageing is practiced mainly by craft breweries for special beers and occasions since it’s not that easy to source an oak barrel, especially for the homebrewer.

But fret not, obtaining a French oak character isn’t that hard these days, thanks to the French Light Toasted Oak Sticks. With these sticks, you’ll be able to infuse any of your beers with the distinct character of French oak barrels easily and affordably.

Usage: French Light Toasted Oak Sticks have been sourced from an actual barrel and will infuse your beer with the distinct notes of vanilla, fruit and coconut. The sticks are easy to use and will fit most standard sized fermenters, including glass carboys.

Due to their shape, the sticks should be used for longer maturation periods in order for the flavours to shine through. That's why it's recommended to add the sticks during the maturation stage of high gravity beers such as Old Ales and Barleywines.

However, you can use them to age just any beer style, and also wine, cider, mead or even whiskey.

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