Toasted Oak Sticks - French Heavy

Toasted Oak Sticks - French Heavy

  • $17.99

Getting the distinct barrel-aged character in your beer doesn’t necessarily require an actual oak barrel. With the French Heavy Toasted Oak Sticks you can infuse your beer with the rich heavy toast French oak flavours, which include dark chocolate, raisins, caramel and burnt wood.

Simply put the sticks into your secondary fermenter and let the beer age for some time, preferably several weeks or even months, for the flavours to come through. This is an excellent way to take your beer to a whole new level of complexity and refinement without having to source an actual French oak barrel.

Usage: French Heavy Toasted Oak Sticks provide a simple and ergonomic solution for obtaining a barrel-aged feel to your beer. In contrast to oak cubes or chips, these sticks won't lead to a significant loss of final beer and won't promote trub sedimentation.

They easily fit into standard 5 gallon glass carboys for utmost convenience. Typically used in high gravity dark beers such as Imperial Stouts, Scotch Ales and Barleywines, these oak sticks can be used in just any beer style where a distinct barrel-aged character is deemed appropriate by the brewer.

It will certainly be a great addition to your ingredient inventory that will allow you to take your brewing experiments to a whole new level.

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