Toasted Oak Sticks - American Heavy

Toasted Oak Sticks - American Heavy

  • $14.49

Add the distinct character of American heavy toasted oak to your next brewing experiment with the American Heavy Toasted Oak Sticks. These sticks were sourced from an actual American oak barrel, typically used for ageing whiskey or bourbon.

The wonderfully layered hints of vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee and wood, you may find in some of these spirits are due to the use of such oak barrels. And now you can enhance your beer and take it to a whole new level of complexity without even needing an actual barrel!

Usage: American Heavy Toasted Oak Sticks are designed to fit most plastic buckets and glass carboys, and provide optimal contact with the beer.

They are usually added to the secondary fermenter after the beer has been racked off yeast for an extended maturation period.

In order to obtain significant results, the beer has to be matured for at least a couple of weeks with these sticks, which makes them better suited for high gravity beers such as Imperial Stouts, Scotch Ales and Barleywines.

However, you can use the sticks to age just any beer style, or add them to homemade wine, cider, mead, whiskey, brandy, or any other beverage of your liking.

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