Oak Cubes - French Light Toast

Oak Cubes - French Light Toast - 3.5 oz (99 g)

  • $6.45

Typically used for aging wines, the French Light Toast Oak Cubes can be used to obtain a splendid barrel aged character in your beer without having to use an actual barrel.

Sourced from a light toast French oak barrel, these cubes offer great flexibility at a very low price. Now you can make your brews smell and taste like they were actually aged in a French oak barrel without having to source one and adjust it to homebrewing volumes.

Just put them in your secondary fermenter and age your beer for some time to get the desired flavour profile. It’s really that simple.

Description: French Light Toast Oak Cubes will enhance your beer with delicate flavours of fruit, coconut, and vanilla.

However, you can also soak the cubes in whiskey, rum or cognac to obtain a more distinct flavour and aroma that would work really well in certain beer styles.

Due to their shape, the cubes require longer contact with the beer, as compared to oak chips, but also deliver a finer control over the flavour and barrel character in the final product.

The cubes can be used to deliver an additional degree of complexity to a broad range of beer styles.
Features: 3.5 ounce resealable package.

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