Oak Cubes - American Heavy Toast

Oak Cubes - American Heavy Toast - 3.5 oz (99 g)

  • $4.89

Take your next Imperial Stout or Barleywine to an entirely new level of complexity with the American Heavy Toast Oak Cubes.

Sourced from American oak barrels, which are typically used for aging bourbon and whiskey, these cubes are known to lend such flavours as vanilla, roast coffee, and black chocolate.

Add them to the secondary fermenter and hold the beer for several months, and the brew will be infused with the wonderful barrel-aged character that works so well in stronger beers, but can certainly add complexity to a broad range of styles.

Description: In contrast to oak chips, which can also be used to obtain a barrel-aged character in a beer or wine, the American Heavy Toast Oak Cubes deliver are more nuanced and balanced flavour and aroma profile.

Due to their shape, the cubes need a longer period of time to impart their flavours with the beer, but still provide an easier and simpler solution than sourcing an actual oak barrel. And if you want even more sophistication, you can soak the cubes in whiskey, rum or brandy, to infuse the beer with a pronounced spirit character.

These cubes represent an excellent opportunity to experiment with your beers and should definitely be a part of your brewing ingredient inventory.
Features: 3.5 ounces per package.

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