Oak Chips - American Light Toast

Oak Chips - American Light Toast - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $2.45

Want to add an extra dimension to your Saison, Scotch Ale or Porter? With American Light Toast Oak Chips this will be as easy as it gets.

Enhance your beers with a barrel-aged character of the American light toast oak barrels by simply adding the chips to the secondary fermenter during maturation. With these chips you can infuse your beer with coconut and vanilla flavours typically found in some bourbons and whiskeys.

It will only take several days for the barrel-aged character to start shining through, instead of weeks or months as in the case of oak cubes or actual barrels.

Description: American Light Toast Oak Chips were sourced from American oak barrels and are typically used for aging wine, beer and whiskey.

Due to the high overall surface area of the chips, the light toast oak flavours fuse into the beer quite rapidly, so a long maturation process isn't necessary.

While being a great way to enhance heavy and complex beers, these oak chips can be used in virtually any style for adding a barrel-aged feel to the brew.

And since it's so easy and cheap, having at least one pack of these chips is certainly a must for any brewer!
Features: Resealable 2 ounce package.

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