Nukatap Stainless Steel Stealth Bomber Stout Spout

Nukatap Stainless Steel Stealth Bomber Stout Spout

  • $15.99

Transform your Nukatap Stealth Bomber or Punisher Edition tap into a playful stout/creamer tap with this ingenious nozzle.

Equipped with a removable creamer/aerator disc, the Stout Spout is designed to enhance your beer-drinking experience. Specifically crafted to serve nitrogen-infused beers, it allows the nitrogen gas to effortlessly mingle with the beer as it flows from the faucet, resulting in a silkier, creamier brew.

Say goodbye to mundane taps - simply unscrew your regular nozzle and screw on the Stout Spout. It's as easy as sipping a stout beer! Cheers to indulging in a lusciously smooth pint.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Coating
  • Removeable restrictor disc
  • 2 1/4" Long

Product Code: KL21135

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