Nukatap Stainless Steel Black Beer Faucet - Punisher Edition

Nukatap Stainless Steel Black Beer Faucet - Punisher Edition

  • $48.49

The Nukatap Stainless Steel Black Beer Faucet - Punisher Edition incorporates all the groundbreaking features of the Intertap series, with further enhancements to deliver an even more durable and reliable beer faucet. 

Featuring a newly designed TPV rubber matrix shuttle, meticulously refined through extensive testing, the Nukatap faucet allows for superior laminar flow. This means minimal resistance when liquids pass through, enabling smooth pouring of highly carbonated beverages. Additionally, the significant reduction in thermal mass compared to standard faucets contributes to a decrease in first pour foam. The TPV rubber matrix is also highly resilient to highly acidic beverages like sours and kombucha, extending the lifespan of the faucet and its components.

The Nukatap faucet offers unmatched versatility through its easily removable threaded spout, allowing effortless replacement with various spout options such as stout spouts, English sparkler spouts, growler fillers, or ball lock post spouts. No need to replace the entire faucet; simply purchase the spouts that suit your needs. Compatible with standard US shanks.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Compatible with both beer and wine
  • Significantly reduced first pour foam
  • Forward Sealing Faucet
  • Single-Piece Design
  • TPV Rubber Matrix Shuttle resistant to acidic liquids like sours and kombucha
  • 2.5° Reverse Angle tap handle supports wider variety of handle options
  • Threaded Spout supports other compatible faucet spouts
Product Code: KL26482

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