Natural Watermelon Flavouring Extract - 4oz

All Natural Watermelon Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $6.89

When thinking about fruit beers and fruit flavours in more traditional beer styles, watermelon is certainly a commonplace ingredient many brewers seem to ponder using. In fact, there are many commercial examples of watermelon-flavoured IPAs, Blonde Ales, Wheat Beers, and even Sours, so the concept is definitely worth exploring.

Imagine the fresh, sweet character of ripe watermelon in a Pale Ale – sound tasty? Yet, if you’ll try to use actual watermelon in your brew, the result might not be as pleasant as you would imagine since there are many compounds in watermelon that transform during fermentation.

Usage: The best way to add a distinct taste of ripe watermelon to just any beer type is using Brewer’s Best All Natural Watermelon Flavouring. With this flavouring you won’t need to play around with actual watermelons, which may significantly impact the end flavour of your beer.

Just add the entire bottle’s contents to a 5 gallon homebrew batch after secondary fermentation and before bottling or kegging, and you will get a pronounced watermelon character in the final beer. Or use according to taste in cider, mead, soda, wine or any other homemade beverage of your preference.

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