Natural Plum Flavouring Extract - 4oz

All Natural Plum Flavour Extracting - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.49

Plum flavour is quite a common guest in certain beer styles, as some specialty malts and yeast strains tend to produce aromatic compounds that are quite similar in taste and aroma to the actual fruit.

However, adding actual plum into a beer is taking the concept one step further, and there are not as many commercial examples showcasing such a combination. Still, adding some plum flavour to a Stout, Porter or Belgian Dark Ale will definitely be a great way to enhance the beer’s complexity and make it all the more interesting. And the best way to do it is using a natural flavouring.

Usage: Unlike using real fruits that deliver a lot of organic compounds that will seriously affect the end result, Brewer’s Best All Natural Plum Flavouring imparts only the natural flavour and aroma of plum to the beer, without any by-products.

And it’s quite simple to use - just add the entire bottle’s contents to a 5 gallon beer batch before bottling, and you will get a distinct plum flavour in the final beer.

The extract can also be used in making wine, cider, mead, or any other beverage, where the fruity flavour will be a welcome feature.

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