Natural Pecan Flavour Extract

All Natural Pecan Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $6.49

Adding pecan to beer is definitely a great idea, especially if you love this nut’s flavour in a cake or on its own. Pecan seems to be a natural fit for dark, malt-forward beer styles such as Stout, Porter, Brown Ale, Scotch Ale, or even Bock.

However, apart from the pleasant earthy flavour, these nuts also deliver a significant fat and oil content that will impact the flavour and head retention of the final beer.

To avoid that, many commercial brewers prefer to use all-natural flavourings instead of actual nuts to get the distinct taste of pecan without the additional substances that will influence the end result and not in a good way.

Usage: With Brewer’s Best All Natural Pecan Flavouring you can get a really pronounced pecan flavour in just any type of beer where you think it’s appropriate. Sure, it best fits Stouts, Porters, and other dark and roasted beers, but what’s stopping you from making a Nut Blonde Ale with the distinct hint of pecan? That’s right, absolutely nothing!

Just add the entire contents of the bottle to a standard 5 gallon batch of beer before bottling and you will get quite a sensible flavour of pecan nuts in the final beer. Or use the extract to flavour mead, cider, or even wine!

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