Natural Graham Cracker Flavour Extract (4oz)

All Natural Graham Cracker Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.49

Have you ever drank beer with some Graham Crackers on the side and thought to yourself “well these two could work together really well”? If you had, chances are that you’ve actually attempted adding Graham Crackers to your homebrew and the results were not as exciting as the idea itself.

Well, some things are very hard to extract flavour from without messing up the other product, and this is exactly the case with Graham Crackers and beer brewing.

But what if we told you that there’s actually a way to imbue a batch of beer with the distinct pie crust flavour and aroma these crackers are famous for?

Usage: Yes, Brewer’s Best All Natural Graham Cracker Flavouring allows adding the flavour of the popular cracker without messing up the boiler or fermenter with crumbs.

The clean and distinct flavour of the confectionery treat can add layers of complexity to malt-forward beers such as Scotch Ale, Brown Ale, Munich Lager, Bock, as well as dark beers such as Stout, Porter, Imperial Stout, Sweet Stout, and many others.

An entire bottle of extract will add a pronounced graham cracker flavour to an entire 5 gallon batch of beer, and can also be used in varying amounts for making wine, cider, mead, and other homemade drinks.

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