Natural Cranberry Flavouring Extract - 4oz

All Natural Cranberry Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $9.49

Cranberries are a rather popular ingredient in a wide range of foods and dietary supplements, and you can often find them in various beer recipes, especially when the brewers get experimental. But it sometimes can be problematic sourcing actual cranberries, especially if you live in an area where they are scarce. That is when this All-Natural Cranberry Flavouring comes in handy.

The sour, tart character of these berries provides an excellent opportunity for adding complexity to Fruit Beers, Seasonal and Holiday Beers, as well as sour ales. Some excellent commercial Imperial Stouts have also been brewed with cranberries, so it’s definitely an ingredient worth considering during your next experimental brewing sessions.

Usage: Brewer’s Best All Natural Cranberry Flavouring offers a quick and easy way of adding the distinct flavour and aroma of cranberries to your beer without requiring the use of actual berries.

The bottle contains enough flavour extract to imbue a standard homebrew batch with the distinct flavour of the fruit, or to add an interesting berry taste to a wine, cider, mead, or any other alcoholic drink.

Just add the recommended amount or use it according to taste, and you will be able to make a tasty fruit Stout, Seasonal Beer, Sour Beer, or any other type of beer that will benefit from the distinct taste of cranberries.

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