Natural Apple Flavour Extract (4oz)

All Natural Apple Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.49

For many brewers the taste of apples is not a very welcome sign in a homebrewed beer, as it can indicate a significant flaw in the brewing and fermenting process.

Yet again, when done right and on purpose, apple flavour can certainly be an interesting trait in a range of beer styles, adding complexity and a refreshing fruit character where required.

Instead of using actual apples that will imbue the beer with way more than just the desired flavour, Brewer’s Best Natural Apple Flavouring will deliver a clean and balance taste of apples to your brew without having to deal with any by-products.

Usage: The most obvious application of an apple flavouring is, of course, an apple cider, especially when trying to get the most intense apple flavour possible.

However, there are many beer styles that can use a touch of fruit in their palate to add to the complexity of the beer, such as Blond Ale, Belgian Golden Ale, Pale Ale, and many others.

The refreshing character of juicy apples can certainly serve as a neat way to expand the flavour range of a number of beer styles, so you should definitely experiment to find out which one clicks the best.

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